Morgan Scientific, a third generation family business, has long prided itself on being an innovative leader in the field of pulmonary function testing, offering unique solutions and a customer-first approach. We have been a fully independent U.S. corporation since 1980, and have offered sales and service to our customers free from interference or corporate acquisitions.

Our engineers at Morgan Scientific began writing clinical data acquisition and runtime graphical interfaces as far back as 1981. Through collaborative work with renowned teaching hospitals in Boston, Morgan Scientific developed a powerful software platform that has been the foundation of our business for over 35 years. We were among the first in our industry to complete a fully integrated EMR in 1985 and that expertise is a foundation in our products today.

A single focus over many years of clinical experience has guided our careful selection of spirometry and PFT hardware to ensure that both hardware and software are ideally matched and meet the strictest of standards.

The demanding background of clinical excellence and years of pulmonary function expertise were the basis for our most recent version of ComPAS software. This PFT software suite combines attractive, user-friendly pulmonary function testing with elegant reporting, remote data access, physician interpretation and hospital information interfacing. Written with a passion for clinical data integrity and a commitment to easy operation, ComPAS raises the standard for PFT solutions.

As a fiercely independent and nimble company, Morgan Scientific continues to blaze a path of software innovation, indeed the excitement around the future with ComPAS2 is already contagious!