Morgan Guarantee

Today it seems that the word “guarantee” is merely a marketing ploy so often forgotten by companies when it comes to delivering on their promise. At Morgan Scientific our goals are very different from that of vast corporate entities. We sincerely believe that the customer matters and that our reputation depends upon customer support and after sales experience.

Service Contracts

We are astounded every day as we speak to prospective customers that one of the first questions asked is “how much is your service contract?” We are now in our 34th year of existence and unlike competitive company practices, we have never been in the business of insisting on service contracts. It has been a belief since our inception that products should be designed to operate reliably for many years and not be a cost burden to customers.

We have a very lengthy list of customers who have been running the same Morgan instruments for well over 15 years with almost no down time. We also have customers who are still running equipment that is over 25 years old and yet able to utilize the very latest innovations in ComPAS software!

Do we infer that our equipment never fails? Certainly not! However, documented service data from hundreds of sites clearly shows phenomenal reliability and low service cost. Indeed the rare cost of service intervention for Morgan instruments pales in comparison to the exorbitant service plans or maintenance contracts recommended by alternative companies.

Our approach has been different from the very inception of this company. Instead of charging for annual maintenance contracts, we have developed a very different alternative which provides special benefits to all of our customers.

Stay up to Date

During the lifespan of a typical PFT system, it is the software and not hardware that is constantly changing. New test and reporting capability, new operating systems or advances in remote data access and interpretation are occurring all the time. ComPAS software development at Morgan Scientific never ceases! To ensure that customers are always up to date with minimal expense, we created the ComPAS License program.

Many of our competitors charge considerably for upgrades to their software, especially when necessitated by a new Microsoft® operating system. Furthermore, competitors often charge for different components of their software. For example if you want to do Bronchial Challenge, you need to buy that module. If you want to do Remote Interpretation; you have to buy that module and so on. Not so with Morgan. In ComPAS it is all included! Since the Morgan hardware has such remarkable longevity, we believe the software should always remain current. For the cost of testing 3-4 patients/annum the ComPAS License ensures you have the latest in PFT standards and test capability.

Personal Interactions

New customers have told us how different their experience is with Morgan compared with other companies. We do not believe in voicemail separation from our customers. Every call to our office is greeted with a cheerful and helpful human voice! We have found that more than 90% of customer problems can be diagnosed and resolved over the phone (normally within 10 minutes). The average product specialist at Morgan has at least 15 years experience in this field and collectively we remain committed and proud of our customer support.

Customer Interaction Encouraged

Customer input into our on-going development is encouraged. At Morgan Scientific, we really do listen to what our customers have to say; so often wonderful new features in our products have come as a direct result of customer suggestions or requests. Not only do we respond to new ideas, when changes are completed and tested, our ComPAS License program makes them available to the entire ‘Morgan family of users’.