Data Mining & Management

Would you like to qualify for more clinical trials?

ComPAS has powerful built-in tools for mining and managing your data!

Research Query Tool

Research tool Query - Morgan Scientific

Our Research Query Tool will allow you to mine you data with ease. Identify people in your database who may qualify for a clinical trial by searching and filtering on any parameter in the database. For example, find all females between the ages of 18 & 35, with an FEV1 percent predicted below 70, who do not smoke, but have a diagnosis of asthma.

Legacy Data Converter

Legacy Data Converter - Morgan Scientific

You don’t have to lose years of valuable data! If you have current and past history data that you don’t want to lose, we will import it into ComPAS. KoKo, nSpire, Carefusion, Vitalograph, Medical Graphics, and more can all be imported into ComPAS.

Powerful Data Management Tools

Powerful Data Management Tools - Morgan Scientific

The ComPAS Predicted Back Calculator allows you to change to a different predicted set and recalculate all tests within the database or for a specific date range. Typically used after a legacy data conversion the ComPAS Patient Super Merge analyzes the database for duplicate patients and merges them upon confirmation.