ComPAS is both intuitive and innovative with an eye always looking towards the future, while maintaining support and functionality for legacy products.

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User Friendly Navigation

On the surface ComPAS has a very clean design with simple navigation. Key strokes and mouse clicks are minimized, so that the user can move quickly between screens and focus their attention on the patient.

PrePost Pneumotrac

“One of our main goals with ComPAS has always been to make it so easy to use that the clinician barely has to divert their attention away from their patient.”

Gareth Morgan, Vice President

Software that Improves Your Testing Quality

The ComPAS testing screen is laid out in a way that provides feedback during testing and after a test is completed, so that the clinician instantly knows if they are getting good results. Features like a Forced Expiratory Time meter, End of Test indicator, and ATS effort evaluation help the clinician to conduct higher quality and more efficient testing.

FV Runtime

Ever Saved a Post-Test as a Pre-test?

We’ve all made this mistake! You are testing a patient, you’ve given them their bronchodilator and there is a knock on the door or the phone rings. You don’t pay attention and start the next spirometry test without marking it as a post-test. Not a problem in ComPAS! Simply drag and drop the completed test from pre to post!

Database Stability & Security

Database Stability & Security

ComPAS relies on the stability and security of Microsoft’s SQL database. Some of the largest and most prestigious university teaching hospitals in the country have been using ComPAS for years without any downtime or data loss because the robust SQL database design.