Physician Interpretation

Developed in cooperation with top pulmonary doctors across the country, ComPAS Task Manager is the premier interpretation software in the industry

Physician Interpretation with ComPAS Task Manager

Physician Interpretation with ComPAS Task Manager - Morgan Scientific

Designed with the busy interpreting physician in mind, ComPAS Task Manager gives you the tools to complete a high quality test interpretation in a timely and efficient manner. Using an EMR? Not a problem, literally thousands of tests a day are routinely interpreted in ComPAS Task Manager and displayed in EMRs. Click here to learn more about our EMR Interfacing Capabilities.

Remote Interpretation

Remote Interpretation - Morgan Scientific

In practices with wireless networks, results can be viewed by physicians on their tablets in exam rooms. At his or her desk, the interpreting physician can review personalized report formats and engage a private template of interpretation text. Both serial data and a computer impression are available as quick reference while the interpretation is being considered.

Data Trending with ComPAS Test History

Data Trending with ComPAS Test History - Morgan Scientific

Plot any past numerical test data (i.e., FVC, FEV1, FeNO) with the ComPAS Test History App. Trends can be plotted and calculated from any number of possible anchor points or time points. Events can be added to the timeline for reference and past interpretation text can be viewed instantly, copied and modified for current use.

Growth Charts

Growth Charts - Morgan Scientific

For children, weight, height, and BMI can be viewed on the CDC growth charts. Weight, height, and BMI can also be added to the Test History Graph and trended overtime for comparison with any of the measured pulmonary values or predicted values.

Flow Volume Loop History

Flow Volume Loop History - Morgan Scientific

Flow volume loops can be viewed individually or overlaid with previous loops for comparison. Also, post-bronchodilator loops can be overlaid on top of Pre-bronchodilator loops.

Multiple Offices, Multiple Physicians, and More!

When tests are completed, the results are sent to any network-connected station for physician interpretation or directly to the EMR. In those cases, where multiple physicians can interpret results, ComPAS Task Manager automatically routes the patient results to the appropriate physician. Smaller clinics can route test results directly to the consulting physician. In a multi-office scenario, customized reports are generated to reflect the information specific to location where the test was completed.