Test Options

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You get all testing options with ComPAS


Pre Post Volume Time - morgan scientific

From a simple flow volume loop to expired only, inspired only, tidal breaths or no tidal breaths, ComPAS quickly recognizes the data pattern and adjusts its analyses, data presentations, and graphics on the fly.

Post Bronchodilator

Simply click the ‘P’ key and you’re in Post-mode. Forget to switch from Pre- to Post-mode? Don’t worry, just drag and drop the result from pre to post. You can also enter details like the type of medication used, the referring doctor, and time of administration – all of which can be displayed on the report or imported into your EMR.

Challenge Testing

Challenge Pneumotrac - morgan scientific

ComPAS has a simple yet powerful Challenge Protocol designer that can accommodate any type of protocol – exercise, methacholine, cold air, etc. You can design as many as you like – perfect for clinical trial protocols. Once the protocol is created in the designer, the clinician is guided through the challenge testing process with prompts, timers, and alerts.

Spirometry Related Tests

Slow Vital Capacity Pneumotrac - morgan scientific

Also included in ComPAS are Slow Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation and Cough Peak Flow. In addition, many clinical trials require quality control testing with a 3 Liter syringe in between the patient’s efforts – in ComPAS simply click on the syringe button, which removes the BTPS correction -now start the test, complete 1 full syringe stroke, end the test, and the data are displayed amongst the patient’s efforts. Easy!

More than just Spirometry

BB Opening ComPAS Screen

ComPAS is also equipped to handle FeNO data, 6-minute walk, and much more. Our manual entry system is highly customizable and all the data can be displayed on your customized reports and/or sent to your EMR. Furthermore, Morgan Scientific provides Full PFT options with a full range of instrumentation from Body Plethysmographs, portable diffusion machines, and rolling seal spirometers for helium dilution lung volumes. Visit our Full PFT site at www.morgansci.com.