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No More Printing & Scanning Reports

No More Printing & Scanning Reports - Morgan Scientific

Whether you have a ComPAS EMR interface or not, there is no need for printing and scanning reports. Auto export to PDF comes standard with all ComPAS installations. Upon completion of testing, simply click ‘Approve Test’ and your report is automatically exported to a shared file folder of your choice.


Testing - Morgan Scientific

For daily testing, ComPAS was developed with the testing technician in mind. Simple navigation reduces unnecessary mouse clicks and keystrokes. Networked installations enjoy the sharing of data, so there is no duplication of data entry for patient information or test results.


Interpretation - morgan scientific

ComPAS Task Manager provides the fastest, most versatile interpretation platform in the industry. With a single mouse click, results are sent to any network-connected station for physician interpretation or directly to the EMR. Click here to learn more about ComPAS Task Manager and interpreting spirometry results.

ComPAS Smart Reports

ComPAS Smart Reports - Morgan Scientific

ComPAS Smart Reports automatically choose the appropriate report format based on the data that was collected for that patient. No more having to manually select report formats. Click to learn more about our reporting capabilities.

ComPAS Smart Predicted Sets

ComPAS Smart Predicted Sets are customized predicted sets that are automatically selected based on the patients’ demographics, biometrics and diagnosis. No more having to manually select predicted sets. One customized predicted set can serve for adults, pediatrics, & children with CF. The combinations are limitless.