ComPAS History

One of the most highly touted features of ComPAS software is the History Toolkit. This physician-friendly, comprehensive application provides a wealth of data:

  • Past numerical test data can be plotted and viewed instantly with axes of Actual Data with Upper, Lower and Mean Predicted values, or plotted as Percent Predicted.
  • Automatic trending can be plotted and calculated from a number of possible anchor points or based on time.
  • Events can be added to the timeline and recalled on subsequent test viewings. These events might include medication details, hospitalization, etc.
  • For children, weight, height and BMI can be viewed on the CDC Growth Charts. The same options can be plotted as a Y2 axis on any numerical view.
  • Past Flow Volume Loops can be plotted and overlaid.
  • Instant view of past interpretation text which can be copied and modified for current use.
  • A Library function allows users to save documents, PDFs or images for instant recall while interpreting data.
  • Secretarial and audit functions are included.