At the core of Morgan Scientific’s product lineup are the Pneumotrac and In2itive spirometers, which are plug-and-play devices that enable you to connect via USB cable with any computer operating our ComPAS pulmonary function software. When network connected, calibrations are stored by serial number, giving you the freedom to use any device in any examination room and even across locations.

The Pneumotrac is a portable, lightweight spirometer that utilizes a tube fitted with capillaries arranged parallel to the direction of flow to minimize resistance and streamline airflow. This ensures high sensitivity and linearity even at very low or very high flow rates for a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Features include a built-in temperature sensor that automatically records room temperature for computation of BTPS corrections and inexpensive replacement parts that are easy to install should the spirometer be dropped and damaged .

Taking the portability concept a step farther, the In2itive is a pocket-sized mobile spirometer that can be transported easily between locations. It’s got all the features of a full-sized unit including Fleisch flow measuring technology, icon-driven menus, a color touchscreen featuring high-resolution images, and storage capacity for 10,000 patients. Data can be entered manually if desired, and is automatically synchronized with your database when you return to the office. With the power of ComPAS software, either spirometer can be used to test in one place and the results interpreted in another.