Workflow & Task Management

You have 100 different chores on any given day to ensure your office runs smoothly. We can help ease your burden! Practices using ComPAS PFT software see substantial improvements in efficiency through a streamlined workflow that saves time.

Testing. For daily testing, ComPAS was developed with the testing technician in mind. Simple navigation reduces unnecessary mouse clicks and keystrokes. Networked installations enjoy the sharing of data, so there is no duplication of data entry for patient information or test results. ComPAS Smart Reports work in the background to display a customized report that appropriately reflects the data – no need for manual selection.

Interpretation. Developed in coordination with pulmonary physicians and one of the country’s most prestigious teaching hospitals, ComPAS Task Manager provides the fastest, most versatile interpretation platform in the industry, making it vastly superior to the competition. Thousands of ComPAS PFT interpretations are routinely completed and displayed in EMRs across the nation every day.

When laboratory tests are completed, the results are sent to any network-connected station for physician interpretation or directly to the EMR. In those cases, where multiple physicians will interpret results, ComPAS Task Manager automatically routes the patient results to the appropriate physician. Smaller clinics can route test results directly to the consulting physician. Customizable reports can be generated to provide information pertinent to a variety of situations (e.g., pre-tests, pre & post, challenge, 6 minute walk, and many more!).